Sweet Potato(Shakarakand) FarmingIn India: What, Why & How?

Sweet Potato(Shakarakand) FarmingIn India: What, Why & How?
Sweet potato Farming
Sweet potato farming

Climate Information for Sweet Potato Farming.

Best climatic conditions required for Sweet potato is low humid and required temperature should range from 25 to 30 Celsius, with average rainfall between 75 cm. to 140 cm.

Its also requires full sunshine for its complete growing period along with cooler nights for the healthy tuber production. Heavy rainfall during its growing periods may damage to the crop and resist the optimum growth of plants later results in excessive vegetative growth of tuber. This crop can drought conditions for sometimes but is not able to tolerate the water stagnation problem.

Suitable soil for Sweet Potato farming.

Sweet potato can be grown on alluvial soil, It yields best if it's grown in soil having texture sandy soil, loamy soil, with pH 5.8 to 6.7.

Since is able to grow on a wide variety of soil but a well-drained and sandy loam soils which are full of all essential organic matter content with clay in the subsoil is considered as the best for its optimum tuber production. The facility of good drainage is essential since this crop is not able to tolerate water stagnation or waterlogging during growing periods.

Recommended Sowing Times of Sweet Potato Farming.

Rabi: Sowing starts in October and lasts up to November.

Kharif: Sowing start from June and end in July.

Land Preparation for Sweet Potato Farming.

For healthy tuber production, the soil should be free from the extra material including weeds and rock and should be in friable conditions. Bring the soil in friable conditions and fine tilth. To bring the soil to the fine tilth, before sowing land must be ploughed 3-4 times followed by planking. Tubers and roots growth take place up to more than 25 cm so furrows and ridges should be made at a distance of two feet. However, they can grow well in raised beds. Apply about 25 tones of farmyard manure per hectare land to increase soil fertility as a part of land preparation.

Sowing methods and tips For Sweet Potato Farming.

Sowing mainly done through propagation.

Propagation: This crop is mainly propagated with the help of tubers clips and vine cuttings. However, propagation through vine cutting is more preferred and is a very common method of propagation. Vine cuttings can be obtained from any well known certified nurseries. These nursery raised cuttings having a length of 20 cm to 25 cm and minimum 2 nodes should be planted on the field. These collected cuttings of vines should be dipped well in a solution of 400 gm of Azospyrillum in enough water.

Should have row distance between 60 - 75 cm.

Plant/Seed should be sown at a distance of 30 to 45 cm.

Seed depth should be in between 20.0 and 25.0 cm.

Irrigation methods For Sweet Potato Farming.

The frequency of irrigations in sweet potato farming depends on the moisture-holding capacity of the soil, the method of planting, climate conditions and atmosphere. However, irrigate the cultivating field just before the transplantation of cutting vines. After planting, irrigation is given once in 2 days for a period of 10 days and thereafter irrigation is given once in 7-10 days. Irrigation must be stopped before 3 weeks of harvesting. But before 2 days of harvesting one irrigation is necessary.

Fertilizer Requirement For Sweet Potato Farming.

The Nitrogen should be applied in two different splits of equal doses. The 1st one should be given at the time of planting whereas the remaining one should be given after about 5 to 6 weeks after plantation whereas the Potassium and Phosphorous should be given in full doses at the time of transplanting tubers on the main field.

Minimum Nitrogen Content (Kg/Ha): 65, Maximum Nitrogen Content (Kg/Ha): 75, Minimum Phosphorus Content (Kg/Ha): 40, Maximum Phosphorus Content (Kg/Ha): 50, Minimum Potassium Content (Kg/Ha): 65, Maximum Potassium Content (Kg/Ha): 75

Sees Requirements For Sweet Potato Farming.

Seed required for sowing one hectare farmland is in between 48.0 Kg. and 50.0 Kg.

Seed Treatment For Sweet Potato Farming.

Place the tubers in a plastic bag and then soak them in concentrated Sulphuric acid for 10-40 minutes.

Best Seed varieties For Sweet Potato Farming.

Sree Varun, Sree Kanaka, Sree Arun, Konkan Ashwini, Varsha, Punjab Sweet Potato-21, Bhuban Sankar, Gour, Rajendra Sakarkand 5, VL Sakarkand 6, CO-1, CO-2, CO-3, H-41

Best Practices for Sweet Potato Farming.

Conduct two weeding up operation about 2 weeks and 5 weeks after planting. The top dressing of the fertilizers may be done along with the second after weeding.

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