Spinach Farming In India: What, Why & How?

Spinach Farming In India: What, Why & How?

Climate Information for Spinach Farming.
Best climatic conditions required for Spinach is moderate humid and required temperature should range from 15 to 30 Celsius, with average rainfall between 80 cm. to 100 cm.

Spinach is strictly a cool-season vegetable. It is sensitive to both low and high temperature. The low temperature and cool nights tend to cause leaf savoring, high temperature and long days causes bolting and thus reduce the markets.

Suitable soil for Spinach Farming.

Spinach can be grown on alluvial soil, It yields best if it's grown in soil having texture sandy loam, with pH 6.0 to 7.0. Avoid acidic soils also waterlogged soils for spinach cultivation.

Spinach Farming

Recommended Sowing Times for Spinach Farming.

Rabi: Sowing starts in September and lasts up to October.

Zaid: Sowing starts in March and ends in April.

Land Preparation for Spinach Farming.

Soil should be ploughed thoroughly two or three times followed by harrowing. Planking should be done to ensure uniform irrigation. Prepared bed and irrigation channels. Apply 200-250 q/ha well rotten FYM or compost during field preparation.

Sowing methods and tips for Spinach Farming.

Sowing should be done by line sowing and broadcasting method. Broadcasting methods: Broadcast method generally involves the scattering of the seeds manually over a large area or in the entire field. Labor involved is very less and so is the precision.

Should have row distance between 20 - 30 cm.

Plant/Seed should be sown at a distance of 10 to 15 cm.

Seed depth should be in between 2.0 and 4.0 cm.

Irrigation Methods for Spinach Farming.

Being shallow-rooted crop spinach requires frequent irrigations. At the time of sowing if proper soil moisture is not present in soil then provide pre-sowing irrigation.

First irrigation should be given after sowing. In summer month, apply irrigation at an interval of 4-6 days whereas in winter month applies irrigation at an interval of 10-12 days.

Spinach Farming

Fertilizer Requirement for Spinach Farming.

The entire dose pf phosphorus and potassium and one-fourth dose of nitrogen should be applied at the time of planting. The remaining quantities of nitrogen should be applied in two split doses as a top dressing after and second cutting.

Minimum Nitrogen Content (Kg/Ha): 50, Maximum Nitrogen Content (Kg/Ha): 70, Minimum Phosphorus Content (Kg/Ha): 40, Maximum Phosphorus Content (Kg/Ha): 50, Minimum Potassium Content (Kg/Ha): 40, Maximum Potassium Content (Kg/Ha): 50

Sees Requirements for Spinach Farming.

Spinach Farming

Seed required for sowing one hectare farmland is in between 35.0 Kg. and 40.0 Kg.

Seed Treatment for Spinach Farming.

Before sowing soaked seeds in water for 12-24 hours. It will increase the germination percentage.

Best Seed varieties for Spinach Farming.

Pusa Jyotii, Pusa Palak, Pusa Harit, Pusa Bharat, Punjab Selection, Punjab Green, Virginia Savoy, Early Smooth Leaf.

Best Practices for Spinach Farming.

One or two shallow hoeings are needed to keep the weeds under control. Herbicides can also be used to control the weeds effectively. Methabenthiazuron at 1.0 kg/ha as pre-emergence spray successfully control the weed of spinach.

The crop will give 4 to 5 cuttings. Harvesting is not done early in the morning as the dew makes the leaves brittle and spoil the product.

Avoid over-irrigation, also care should be taken not to water on leaves, as it will lead to the occurrence of disease and deterioration of quality.

Drip irrigation proves to be beneficial for spinach cultivation.

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