Shredder -A must have Agri Equipment.

Shredder -A must have Agri Equipment.

From chaff to farm waste and urban waste, a shredder is used to convert their large size into smaller to enable their easy handling and conversation into other products. With the increasing pollution,  more focus is on waste management of farm and agricultural waste and therefore shredders are now gaining popularity for their ability to convert the stubbles and farm waste into smaller parts which can easily decompose or can be converted into other materials.


A shredder is used for cutting and shredding of the forage. It can be used for various crops like Maize, Napier grass, Lucerne etc. A shredder has multiple blades which shred the materials into very fine particles. Shredders are also used in biofuel manufacturing from farm waste. Shredders are also used for waste management of coconut leaves, banana tree leaves and other tree branches which are further used for organic fertilizer production. A wide range of shredders varying from chaff cutters, vermicompost shredder and farm waste shredders are being available in the market.



A typical shredder machine has a motor, bearings, shaft, cutter, frame, hopper, gear cutting blades or knives, tray outlet.


  • Agricultural waste as such takes more time to degrade and cause pollution. A shredder reduces the size of agricultural waste and converts into a smaller size for its easy degradation.
  • It also helps in easy handling storage and management of the waste due to its reduced size.
  • It also reduces the burning of waste in the fields which leads to pollution.
  • A shredder is simple to use and an efficient way to recycle waste.
  • Various types of shredders can be used as per the amount of waste, farm resources and financial resources of the farmer.

Types of shredders-

  • Manual operated shredder- in this type of shredder man power is used to power the flywheel, which in turn rotates the cutting blade to shred the waste.
  • Electric motor shredder- in this method motor is run by electricity which cuts the waste with the help of blades. A drum is used as a feeder and a tray serves as the outlet.
  • Tractor operated shredder- this type of shredder is operated with tractor-power take-off shaft (PTO). The power factor is transmitted to the shredder which enables the farmer to shred farm waste in a single pass.

Shredders available in market-

  • Shaktiman mobile shredder- it has an electronically balanced cutting unit with drums and flywheel. The plates are made of boron steel which has automatic knife sharpening devices. the frame can be folded for easy transport and trolley attachment. Its shredding capacity is up to 10 tons per hour and it contains 6 to 12 shredding knives. The weight of a complete shredder is 600 kilograms with its dimensions being 250cm ×132cm× 134cm.
  • Tractor operated shredder- it can be used for medium and large scale plantation. The shedding capacity is nearly 1- 2 tons per hour. It can shred tree branches as well as coconut leaves into very fine particles of nearly 5 mm.
  • KCL Motorized shredder-  it is a motorized shredder having the capacity to shred nearly 5-10 quintals of waste per hour. It has 36 blades with semi-automatic functioning. It is manufactured by Kovai classic industries located in Tamilnadu.
  • Maxx Iron MST800HD - It is a diesel operated, movable shredder. The blades rotate at a speed of 3000 revolutions per minute and consume about 6.5 liters of fuel. It is manufactured by the Maax engineering company in Tamilnadu.

Price range-

Price can range from 17000 rupees for manually operated shredders up to 1.5 lacs for motor-operated shredders.

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