Radish Farming In India: Organic methods.

Radish Farming In India: Organic methods.

Climate Information for Radish Farming.

Best climatic conditions required for Radish is high humid and required temperature should ranges from 18 to 25 Celsius, with average rainfall between 100 cm. to 150 cm.

Radish is essentially a cool season crop. Long days coupled with the high temperature results in bolting before attaining marketable root. The optimum temperature for best flavor texture, root growth and development is 10 to 15 c.

Suitable soil for Radish Farming.

Radish can be grown on alluvial soil , It yields best if it's grown in soil having texture sandy soil, with pH 5.5 to 6.5.

Avoid heavy or compact soils as it produce rough, malformed roots. Radish can be grown on all type of soils but it thrives best under well drained.

Radish Farming

Recommended Sowing Times for Radish Farming.

Rabi: Sowing start from August and lasts up to February.

Land Preparation for Radish Farming.

Plough land thoroughly and make land weed and clods free. Add well decomposed cow dung of 20-25ton/ha and mix well in soils at time of land preparation. Avoid use of undecomposed or free cowdung as it will leads to forking of fleshy roots. The land should be prepared to fine tilth and levelled(3-4).

Sowing methods and tips for Radish Farming.

Should have row distance between 25 - 30 cm. Plant/Seed should be sown at a distance of 8 to 10 cm. Seed depth should be in between 1.0 and 2.0 cm.

Sowing can be done by Line Sowing and Broadcasting method.

Broadcasting method :Broadcast method generally involves scattering of the seeds manually over a large area or in the entire field. Labor involved is very less and so is the precision.

Irrigation requirement for Radish Farming.

After sowing, apply first irrigation, it will help in good germination. Depending upon soil type and climate, apply remaining irrigations at interval of 6-7days in summer and 10-12 days interval in winter month. Overall radish required five to six irrigations. In summer season, provide pre-harvest light irrigation. It will keep root fresh and reduce pungency.

Radish Farming

Fertilizer requirement for Radish Farming.

Add fertilizer mixture at the bottom of the ridge and cover it with soil. Furrows should be irrigated one or two days before sowing the seeds.

Minimum Nitrogen Content (Kg/Ha): 50, Maximum Nitrogen Content (Kg/Ha): 60, Minimum Phosphorus Content (Kg/Ha): 90, Maximum Phosphorus Content (Kg/Ha): 100, Minimum Potassium Content (Kg/Ha): 50, Maximum Potassium Content (Kg/Ha): 60

Seed requirement for Radish farming.

Seed required for sowing one hectare farm land is in between 8.0 Kg. and 10.0 Kg.

Seed Treatment for Radish Farming.

Before sowing soaking radish seeds in Naphthaline acetic acid (NAA) at 10-20 ppm before sowing is effective in stimulating germination of radish seeds.

Best varieties for Radish Farming.

Pusa Rashmi, Pusa Desi, Arka Nishant , Pusa himani, Punjab Pasand, Japanese white, Kalyani white, IHR-1-1.

Radish Farming

Best cultivation practices for Radish Farming.

Take intercultural operation like weeding and hoeing to keep check on weed growth also to provide soil aeration. Take one weeding operation, two to three weeks after sowing. After weeding, carryout earthing operation.

Putting a thin layer of mulch around the radishes can help retain moisture in dry conditions.

Do not leave radishes in the ground long after their mature stage their condition will deteriorate quickly.

Cut the tops and the thin root tail off, wash the radishes, and dry them thoroughly. Store in plastic bags in the refrigerator.

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