Paddy Transplanter - A must-have equipment for submerged paddy farming.

Paddy Transplanter - A must-have equipment for submerged paddy farming.
Paddy Transplanter - A must-have equipment for submerged paddy farming.

Rice is mostly cultivated in submerged water by transplanting rice seedlings into the puddled soil condition. This old age practice of low land rice cultivation is very effective in almost all parts of the country. It gives a higher yield with respect to direct seeding of rice. The only problem with this method is that it is very time consuming and labor demanding because each of the rice seedlings has to be placed in the water manually with proper care to ensure its growth. It makes this process tedious. But now in the era of technology new machines have been developed so that this process can be done with ease in less time.


Paddy transplanter or rice transplanter is a machine which is used to transplant the rice seedlings into the field. It has been developed with various modifications depending upon the requirement of the farmer and the field. With the use of a paddy transplanter, one can transplant many lines in a single pass. Various modifications such as 4,6 and 8 rows transplanter are available. It can be done with the use of tractor driven transplanter or by manually walking type transplanter.

Components of a rice transplanter-

The rice transplanter is a very simple machine having a set of components like-

  • A tray, of plastic or metal which contains or holds a seedling for transplanting.
  • A shifter that moves the seedlings as they are getting transplanted towards the bottom end of the machine.
  • Seedling pressure rod which moves the seedlings and plants them into the soil.
  • Planting the lifting lever which is used to lift the planting part of the seedling.
  • Planting depth control lever.
  • Vertical feed and lateral feed adjusting levers.
  • A seedling mat stopper so that the seedlings do not break while planting.
  • Seedling feed stopper.


  • Reduces the cumbersomeness of the process.
  • Transplanting of young seedlings can be done at the optimum age.
  • Accurate control over plant population.
  • Uniform spacing between seedlings to ensure proper growth.
  • Cost-effective for commercial transplanting.

Invented by the company on a person

Initially, the rice transplanter was developed by Japan in 1898. Since then various modifications in the 1960s were made to enhance its efficiency.

In India, the first paddy transplanter was made by Ranjit Mirig in 1986. but it was only in 2008 that a successful model from the prototype was developed.

New features

The new designs available such as

1.Mahindra AppliTrac's Walk behind Rice transplanter.

Its features include-

  • Equipped with a powerful 3.7 kilowatt (5hp) petrol engine for operating in wetland conditions.
  • Maintains equal distance between rows.
  • Fast operation speed.
  • Rubber wheels for more grip in the field while transplanting.
  • Low cost of operation.
  • Automatic float adjustment mechanism to ensure planting at a uniform depth.
Paddy Transplanter - A must-have equipment for submerged paddy farming.

2. Greaves paddy transplanter-GS PF 455.

  • Petrol engine with a power of 2.3 HP with air cooling system.
  • Fixed row spacing of 30cm with hill spacing of 13 to 16 cm.
  • Single acting hydraulic cylinder pump installed.
  • 3 gear speeds for planting, transportation and reverse movement.
  • Wheels of 605 mm.
  • Approximately 160 kg weight of the machine.
  • Planting of four rows can be done in a single pass.

3. Paddy panther 26.

  • It can transplant nearly 8 acres of land in a one day at the rate of twenty-seven hills per metre square.
  • Air-cooled, 688 ccs, 15.1 kW Engine.
  • Tubeless tyres of 650mm diameter.
  • The distance between the hills can be adjusted manually for 22,19, 16, 14cm.
  • Weight 670 kg
  • Manufactured by Honda.
Paddy Transplanter - A must-have equipment for submerged paddy farming.

4. VST Yanji Shakti 8 Row paddy transplanter.

  • 107 f single cylinder air cooled diesel engine model.
  • Power of 2.94 kilowatts.
  • 8 rose can be planted in a single pass.
  • Hil spacing can be adjusted to 14, 17,20, 23 cms.
  • Weight 305kg.
  • Planting speed 0.44- 0.54 m/sec.

5. Self-propelled rice transplanter.

  • 21 horsepower diesel engine.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Can plant 6 rows in a single pass.
  • Made in India.


  • Kisankraft 4 row paddy transplanter, KK-RRT-4R by G.D Krishna enterprises @ 1.4 lakh.
  • Kisankraft paddy transplanter for agriculture and farming 4 strokes by green star enterprises @ 2.1 lakh.
  • OS.G630D Rice transplanter by Osaka international incorporation @ 12.5 lakh.
  • Dhanraj walking type manual rice transplanter by Dhanvin Infotech private limited @20,000.
  • Mahindra Mitsubishi Yanmar Japani party rice transplanter by star agrotech @ 2.45 lakh.
  • Self-propelled rice transplanter by Kaira Agros @11.2 lakh.

Websites on which it can be available

The paddy transplanter is available on various websites. Some of which are-

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