Modern tractor-drawn Disc Harrow.

Modern tractor-drawn Disc Harrow.

Modern age demands immense productivity from the agricultural sector for accelerating the commercial farming system of a country which will eventually result in fulfilling the needs of both domestic as well as export markets. Unfortunately, the quantity of land surface designated for agriculture is fixed or better to say, readily decreasing nowadays at an alarming rate due to unplanned urbanization as well as a booming explosion in population. So, the only alternative available to us for feeding this huge number of inhabitants of mother earth is by means of increasing the yield of food crops per unit area. This can be achieved not only by using genetically engineered and improved hybrid varieties of plants and seeds but also by using high technology farming and proper implementation of modern machinery and agricultural equipment. Preparation of lands, cultivation and maintenance of the crops as well as fields, timely harvesting and processing of the harvested produce are all accomplished by means of equipment.

In this article, we will discuss two of the most important modern agricultural equipment which is absolutely necessary for the completion of farm operations.

Modern tractor

Modern tractor-drawn disc Harrow

Harrow is a device consisting of a heavy framework having several discs or teeth in a row, which is dragged across primarily ploughed land to smooth or break up the soil, to remove weeds or cover seeds.

The first step towards successful cultivation and harvest is proper preparation of the land. This requires manipulation of the soil in preparation for crop production by managing certain characteristics such as water retention, infiltration, temperature and evapotranspiration. This technique of manipulation is known as “Tillage”. And the implements required for the tillage operations are known tillage implements.

Based on the depth of operation, tillage methods are classified into primary or secondary. Primary tillage is concerned with the manipulation of soil in deeper levels, whereas, secondary deals with shallow levels. Example of a primary tillage implement is Plough and an example of a secondary tillage implement is Disc Harrow.

Description – It is a harrow consisting of cutting edges formed by rows of concave metal discs, which can be set at angles or collapsed according to our own sweet will. All these discs are connected to a metal framework structure which can be ultimately connected to a tractor.

Modern tractor


·         Disc harrow is used as a secondary tillage implement for removing the clods left in the soil after primary tillage.

·         Disc harrow works as an incredible implement for removal of weeds.

·         Used extensively for inter-row and intercultural operations.

·         Used for covering newly sown seeds with soil.

Price – Approximately INR 40,000 to INR 1,00,000 per unit depending on the advanced nature of the particular piece in use.

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