Carrot (Gajar) Farming in India: What, Why & How?

Carrot (Gajar) Farming in India: What, Why & How?

Climate Information for Carrot Farming.

Best climatic conditions required for Carrot is high humid and required temperature should range from 18 to 30 Celsius, with average rainfall between 75 cm. to 100 cm.

Carrot is a cold-weather crop, and it also does well in a warm climate. Temperatures lower than 16°C affect the development of color and result in long slender roots, while higher temperatures produce shorter and thicker root. The temperatures between 15 and 20°C result in attractive roots with excellent red color and quality.

Carrot Farming

Suitable soil for Carrot Farming.

Carrot can be grown on alluvial soil. It yields best if it's grown in soil having texture sandy loam, with pH 6.0 to 7.0.

For good root development carrot required deep, well-drained, loose loamy soils. Carrot is a heavy potassium feeder. Potassium deficiency can affect the quality of the roots in addition to disturbing the overall metabolism of the plant. Potassium-deficient roots are less sweet, and the flesh does not have the desired luster.

Recommended Sowing Times for Carrot Farming.

Rabi: Sowing starts in August and lasts up to October

Land Preparation for Carrot Farming.

3-4 ploughing are required to bring the soil to a line tilth. Add well-decomposed cow dung of 50 kg/ha and mix well in soils at the time of land preparation. Avoid the use of undecomposed or free cow dung as it will lead to forking of fleshy roots.

Sowing methods and tips for Carrot Farming.

Carrot Farming.

Sowing should be done by the dibbling method and also use a broadcasting method.

Dibbing method: Sowing is done with the help of a small implement known as 'Dibbler'. It is a wooden or iron frame with pegs. The frame is pressed in the field and lifted and then one or two seeds are dropped by hand in each of the holes.

Broadcasting method: Broadcast method generally involves the scattering of the seeds manually over a large area or in the entire field. Labor involved is very less and so is the precision.

Should have row distance between 30 - 40 cm.

Plant/Seed should be sown at a distance of 8 to 10 cm.

Seed depth should be in between 1.0 and 2.0 cm.

Irrigation Methods for Carrot Farming.

Irrigate the field just after sowing. The optimum level of moisture in the field is essential for better germination, growth and development of root. The crop should be irrigated at the interval of 5-7 days.

Fertilizer Requirement for Carrot Farming

2-3 tons of farmyard manure at the time of land preparation along with 50 kg nitrogen, 40 kg phosphorus, and 50 kg potash per hectare. Half the dose of nitrogen and the full dose of phosphorus and potassium should be applied before sowing. The remaining nitrogen should be given 56 weeks after germination.

Minimum Nitrogen Content (Kg/Ha): 110, Maximum Nitrogen Content (Kg/Ha): 120, Minimum Phosphorus Content (Kg/Ha): 55, Maximum Phosphorus Content (Kg/Ha): 60, Minimum Potassium Content (Kg/Ha): 55, Maximum Potassium Content (Kg/Ha): 60

Seed Requirements for Carrot Farming.

Seed required for sowing one hectare farmland is in between 8.0 Kg. and 10.0 Kg.

Seed Treatment for Carrot Farming.

Before sowing soaked seeds in water for 12-24 hours. It will increase the germination percentage.

Carrot Farming.

Best Seed varieties for Carrot Farming.

Pusa Kesar, Pusa Meghali, Punjab Carrot Red, zeno, Nantes, Chantaney, Imperator, Early nantes, Punjab Black beauty, PC 34

Best Practices for Carrot Farming.

It is necessary to remove the side shoot as soon as possible. Weed must be removed as soon as possible by hoeing but not too deep to damage the root. Herbicide can be used to control the weed.

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