Automatic seed cum fertilizer drill.

Automatic seed cum fertilizer drill.

In earlier days, the most tiresome and difficult process in agriculture was the sowing of seeds. The innumerable hardships experienced by our farmers include long hours of back-breaking labor due to line sowing or broadcasting methods of seed sowing, exact calculation of spacing between two seeds which would affect the spacing of plants in the future and lastly, long hours of wastage of valuable labor in fertilizer application on the newly sown seeds.

With the innovation of modern automatic seed cum fertilizer drill, all these problems can be solved at once in no time.

Automatic seed cum fertilizer drill.

Description – A large metal framework consisting of two separate chambers, one for the seeds whereas the other is for fertilizer. The base part of the framework consists of cultivator’s teeth and each tooth is connected with two pipes coming from both the chambers each. As the tractor goes on, the cultivator’s tooth earths up soil from the land, thereby depositing seed and fertilizer in the bed at once.

Functions –

·         Maintenance of accurate spacing, since the release of seeds from the chamber, is controlled by levers.

·         Maintenance of accurate amount and dosage of fertilizer for individual seed.

·         Saving of the immense amount of time as well as labor.

Automatic seed cum fertilizer drill.

·         Covering larger areas in short times ensuring a high yield in that particular cropping season.

·         Performs three functions of tillage, sowing of seeds and application of fertilizer at once.

Price – Approximately INR 60,000 per unit, further depending on upgradations.

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The modern age of agriculture is rightly called the era of machinery and equipment. It will not be overwhelming to conclude that nowadays, modern high technology agricultural equipment has become part and parcel of farm operations in the agriculture sector.

Automatic seed cum fertilizer drill.
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